Drupal 8 – It’s Round the Corner, and Here is What it Has in Store for You

The buzz around the latest version of Drupal – Drupal 8 – has been ringing the loudest from quite a while now. This stirringly useful Content Management System has already created a niche for itself in the web realm and the consistent reinventions have meant that the web afficionados have always something novel and even more efficacious coming their way.

Drupal 8, meanwhile, is all set to elevate the novelty and resourcefulness of the Drupal technology with introduction of enhancements and value-added features in excess of 200. the latest edition of Drupal is aimed at helping the much sought-after product spread its wings further.

Ever since we since the mumbles around Drupal 8 began to resonate, there have been speculations made around its most expected set of features and what it has in store for the global web webmasters. Now that the day to its launch comes even closer (there is no specific date as yet), we compile a few features that you can expect it to toss at you and change the digital and web environment even more rapidly:

#1.) – Made for Mobiles

Gone are the days when websites were launched and after a while, a mobile-friendly version was rolled out. Drupal has incessantly strived to keep itself ahead of the curve and its latest version is not just “mobile-friendly”, it rather is made *for* the mobile devices.

  • Drupal 8 will offer you a suite of web templates that are responsive and compatible with mobiles at their very fibre.

  • No longer the tables would be displayed in a cluttered and unwieldy way.

  • The admin panel is restructured to suit the mobile users.

#2.) – Simplified and Enhanced Configuration Management

The configurational changes can be made without a fuss

  • A file-based configuration management mechanism that makes it possible structure content in a manner more coherent and to transport the changes in configuration like the addition of more fields, provision for more content types, adding the content to unit’s location, keeping the record of subscription data, etc. from the development stage to the production time.

  • The version control for the configuration is right there with you.

  • A free rein over customization of contact forms

  • The config data and the production data can be isolated from one another.

#3.) – Support for Better Accessibility Technologies

  • Now you will get a better support for technologies like WAI-ARIA.

  • Enhanced markup facility using HTML5

  • jQuery UI’s autocomplete and modal dialogs are being utilized with a greater degree.

  • The Views will be placed in core

#4.) – No Need to Deal with Redundant Modules

The Drupal modules have always been priceless asset for website managers. The fuss free manner in which they facilitate extending a Drupal website’s functionality beyond the standards and defaults is commendable. But, at the same time, it was being increasingly observed that the previous versions were tossing at developers far too many modules, a large chunk of which were totally redundant. But Drupal 8 has managed to get rid of the fluff and make available to its users only the extensions that prove to be bonafide value-additions.

#5.) – Enhanced Content Authoring

As far as the content authoring goes, there is a total reinvention done here:

  • A more powerful and reliably accurate content editor

  • WYSIWYG can be configured in a manner more straightforward and efficient.

  • as been made simpler.

  • The content creation pages will also go for a make over.

#6.) – An Even Better Multilingual Support

Drupal has always strived to create a presence that resonates with the global audience and it’s support for multiple languages further boosts its endeavor. With Drupal 8, you will be vested up with the capability to translate any text using the interfaces that are built-in. There is the provision of Views language filtering which can be leveraged to create flexible pages.

#7.) – Use Data Source to Create Mobile Apps

Hypertext Application Language (HAL), an avant-garde technology is introduced that will further help in more innovations that seemed highly unlikely with the previous versions.

  1. Now, you can represent the content on site as JSON or even XML.

  2. HTTP authentication for more enhanced security algorithms to keep the malicious coders and web intruders at bay with a greater assurance.

#8.) – Functionally Richer, But Lightweight Themes in terms of their Speed

Well, who doesn’t want a web template that will give them access to a whole bevy of features and capabilities. But the trend has been that more loaded a template is with features, greater is the degree of non-responsiveness or the negative impact on the loading time of the corresponding website. But Drupal 8 delivers focus on this facet in a manner most reliable. It provides a template engine for PHP that goes by the name of Twig. How it helps is that it lets you templates I a syntax that is far easier to understand and reuse. This engine facilitates building templates that are visually more appealing than ever before, but at the same time, doesn’t give the browsers a hard time while they are loading the respective website.

Drupal 8 is set to create transformations of very large scale and impact. There will be increased certainty on the web development landscape even as Drupal 8 is coming with innovations loaded. Weaving an incredible window of opportunities for web developers and designers, Drupal 8 is more about ingenuine features.

The enhancement in the consistency and coherence that the features and innovations are likely to bring in is what sets it apart from all the previous versions. The businesses that are increasingly leaning towards Drupal have now more than ever options to explore and create more modular solutions and serve a larger band of audience. Taking every facet into account – be it enhanced content management, the security concerns, the responsiveness of the site, the functionality expanding modules – Drupal 8 is delivering an all-round value and letting web developers to swing big, and swing with flair.

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